The Aisne-Marne counter-attack: America’s part in rolling back German forces

Historian John S.D. Eisenhower described it as ‘the turning point’. And certainly many of the key American participants of the time said they felt a decisive shift against the German Army after the Battle of Soissons in July 1918. Patrick Gregory has been looking at how US troops on the Western Front spearheaded Allied counter-attacks 100 years ago. American heavy artillery used [...]

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Centennial expansion for US WWI Museum

The National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, has announced a major new expansion of its gallery space in the run-up to America's Centennial commemorations. It is the result of a recent and highly successful Call to Duty fundraising drive which saw a host of local institutions and benefactors heeding the museum’s call. The museum as it [...]

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US WW1 museum explores German experiences on the Eastern Front

A new Eastern Front exhibition at America's National World War I Museum in Kansas City is a timely reminder of an often overlooked aspect of the Great War, writes Patrick Gregory. Wacht im Osten or ‘Watch in the East’ sets out to explore the human impact of the experience of entering and controlling a vast sprawl of newly conquered lands [...]

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Spring 1918 – The US air effort takes off

On 29 April 1918, Lieutenant Edward V. Rickenbacker of the US Air Service was to score the first of the air victories that would, within a few short months, catapult him to the status of America’s 'Ace of Aces' in World War I. For many, Rickenbacker, the All-American hero, came to symbolise his country’s air effort, [...]

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‘Understanding the Great War’ – education resource launched in US

The United States WWI Centennial Commission and America’s National World War I Museum & Memorial have teamed up to create a new online teaching resource aimed at increasing awareness of the Great War, writes CN’s Patrick Gregory. 'Understanding the Great War' is a bi-monthly electronic newsletter featuring information and features from WWI organisations across [...]

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