Podcast – Patrick Gregory at USAHEC

Listen to Patrick Gregory's February 2018 lecture at US Army Heritage & Education Center, Carlisle PA. He shares insights into the book he co-authored: on An American on the Western Front. He also explains about the wider context of the US war effort in World War 1.

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Video – Diplomacy and World War 1

In this webinar in the Views from the Embassy series, Patrick Gregory and other historians examine the journey taken by the USA - and its citizens - from neutrality to fighting force in World War 1.

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BBC Five Live with Patrick Gregory

Listen to BBC’s Rhod Sharp in conversation with author Patrick Gregory, including extracts of Arthur Kimber Clifford’s own words.

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History Hit podcast

Dan Snow, ‘History Guy’ and BBC History presenter hears how the story of US WW1 entry and involvement is presented through the eyes and pen of Arthur Clifford Kimber (Audio).

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Suffolk Free Press

Co-author Elizabeth Nurser (née Kimber) describes how she was able to stay true to the memory of her uncle’s dream, almost 100 years after his death.

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The Centennial Commission

Co-author Patrick Gregory answers four fascinating questions about the book.

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