Kick-starting the Meuse-Argonne: The American Army goes again on Western Front

American soldiers resting in a shallow trench in the Argonne Forest (Image: via Wikimedia Commons/US official photo/public domain) Posted on 07 October 2018   After four days of intense fighting in the Meuse-Argonne, beginning on 26 September 1918, American Expeditionary Force commander General John Pershing called a temporary halt to most – though [...]

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100 Years Ago: Meuse-Argonne Offensive begins

American troops using French-built Renault FT-17 tanks move up to a forward area near Boureville in the Argonne Forest, 26 September 1918 © IWM (Q 58691) Posted on 26 September 2018 On 26 September 1918 troops of the First Army, American Expeditionary Force aided by a corps of French soldiers began a major [...]

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The Meuse-Argonne: Remembering America’s biggest battle

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery (Photo: Patrick Gregory) Posted on 26 September 2018 On Sunday 23 September 2018 the American WW1 cemetery at Romagne-sous-Montfaucon in north-east France played host to a centennial ceremony, paying tribute to the 26,000 fallen of the United States’ Meuse-Argonne offensive 100 years ago. The campaign – which began the Allies’ last push of [...]

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The American First Army comes into being

On 10 August 1918 General John Pershing drove from AEF headquarters in Chaumont to La Ferté-sous-Jouarre on the Marne, some 15 miles south-west of Château-Thierry. There he was to take up formal command of the newly created First Army of the American Expeditionary Force, a sign of the growing strength of his troops in the field [...]

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The Aisne-Marne counter-attack: America’s part in rolling back German forces

Historian John S.D. Eisenhower described it as ‘the turning point’. And certainly many of the key American participants of the time said they felt a decisive shift against the German Army after the Battle of Soissons in July 1918. Patrick Gregory has been looking at how US troops on the Western Front spearheaded Allied counter-attacks 100 years ago. American heavy artillery used [...]

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100 years ago: Battle of Cantigny – America shows its mettle

On the morning of 28 May 1918 troops belonging to the American Expeditionary Force’s 1st Division embarked on the first full US-led offensive of the First World War at Cantigny in northern France. Although the assault was a limited one, and of comparatively minor significance in overall strategic terms for the Allies, its success was an [...]

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