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Roads to the Great War

US Declares War on Austria-Hungary 100 years ago.

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Centenary News – President Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points Speech.

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The American

U.S. sculptor Sabin Howard tells how he is using an innovative 3D printing collaboration in his stunning wall of remembrance.

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Times Literary Supplement

A ‘fitting tribute to [Kimber’s sacrifice].

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Centenary News – Pershing’s Arrival

Patrick Gregory describes Pershing’s arrival in Europe.

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Centenary News – Selective Service

Patrick Gregory describes Selective Service - how US created its WW1 army, with a mobilisation of 4 million troops by November 1918.

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Centenary News – Missing in Action Sailor

Patrick Gregory tells the story of how Missing In Action sailor Herbert Hammond Renshaw was finally commemorated – just in time for Centennial Memorial Day 2017.

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BBC Five Live with Patrick Gregory

Listen to BBC’s Rhod Sharp in conversation with author Patrick Gregory, including extracts of Arthur Kimber Clifford’s own words.

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BBC Online

Co-author Patrick Gregory writes  for the BBC online website about the American entry to WWI.

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History Hit podcast

Dan Snow, ‘History Guy’ and BBC History presenter hears how the story of US WW1 entry and involvement is presented through the eyes and pen of Arthur Clifford Kimber (Audio).

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