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Centenary News – Rickenbacker ‘Ace of Aces’

Patrick Gregory describes how the US air effort finally took off in Spring 1918.

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Centenary News – America’s WWI Baptism of Fire

Patrick Gregory explores American Expeditionary Force's first significant military encounter of WW1  near the St. Mihiel salient in NE France.

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The Centennial Commission – ‘Side by Side’ exhibition in Bath

America’s WWI war effort remembered in Britain  at the American Museum in Bath.

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Podcast – Patrick Gregory at USAHEC

Listen to Patrick Gregory's February 2018 lecture at US Army Heritage & Education Center, Carlisle PA. He shares insights into the book he co-authored: on An American on the Western Front. He also explains about the wider context of the US war effort in World War 1.

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Video – Diplomacy and World War 1

In this webinar in the Views from the Embassy series, Patrick Gregory and other historians examine the journey taken by the USA - and its citizens - from neutrality to fighting force in World War 1.

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Centenary News – President Wilson

President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points Speech.

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Roads to the Great War

US Declares War on Austria-Hungary 100 years ago.

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The American

U.S. sculptor Sabin Howard tells how he is using an innovative 3D printing collaboration in his stunning wall of remembrance.

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Times Literary Supplement

A ‘fitting tribute to [Kimber’s sacrifice].

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Centenary News – Pershing’s Arrival

Patrick Gregory describes Pershing’s arrival in Europe.

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